Logo iPod xTract

by Enrique Zamudio

I wrote this little program in Java so that it can be used on Windows and Mac OS X.

It lets you search for songs inside your iPod. You can search by title, album, artist. The songs that match the criteria are shown on a list. You can select those songs and extract them to your hard drive.

NOTE: On the save panel, you have to type something (anything), so that it lets you save. The songs will be saved with the filename they have inside your iPod, to the selected directory.

The reason I wrote this program is because I checked out a couple of iPod song extraction programs and didn't really like the fact that they want to index everything you have in there in the first run. What if I just want to find a song and get it out of the iPod? I don't want to wait two or three hours for the program to finish indexing the songs. So iPod xTract does not index anything at all. It searches every time for the songs you ask for. It's meant to be faster than a first-run of these other programs, although if you already have indexed your stuff with one of them, then it will be faster to get one.

Other projects

I'm working on other Open Source projects as well. I was working on wotonomy for a while, although I haven't really done anything lately; I'm the author of ezContent, a CMS based on J2EE implemented with Tapestry, Hibernate and Spring; and I'm also working with a friend on Cemanahuatl, a framework written in C# that does a lot of stuff (ORM, Inversion of Control, some GUI stuff, several utilities, etc).

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